Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh the places you'll go...

I can't stop thinking lately about all of the places I want to go. I then realized I should be thankful for the many places I have been! 

 Last summer for my older brother's 21st birthday the family and some friends went to the fabulous Las Vegas. We lived like rockstars taking limos everywhere and broke the bank shopping at the trendiest shops. I was also there in middle school for dance which was pretty fun as well! 
 I love love love the ocean! Anywhere in the Caribbean is my favorite! I've been to Jamaica, Cayman Island, and Mexico! For my fifteenth, golden birthday, my mom took me on a cruise where we departed out of Miami, Florida. Let me tell you it was one of the best trips ever! Just to have time with my mom was great and relax on the beach and cruise ship was the best! We also swam with the dolphins, so cute! :) My family and I recently went to Cozumel, Mexico over Christmas. Beautiful. It was over both my brother and my birthdays so lets just say this... we drank A LOT of Mexican holy water! Shots shots shots!
I've been lucky enough to go to Cali three times! During those three trips to California I've seen and walked the Golden Gate Bridge, visited San Diego and Sacramento and a few stops along the way to Napa, Hollywood and LA. Always a fun trip! 
It has always been a dream of my dad's to watch a space shuttle launch. So we made a trip to Florida to do just that, watch a space shuttle launch, have a few days on the beach and visit Disney World. Unfortunately, they found something wrong with the space craft so they delayed the launch for another three months! We still got to visit the International Space Station, which was pretty neat! 
I've been to Colorado too! We road tripped this one, long ride! The mountains were breathtaking! We skied and snowboarded the slopes of Breckenridge! A very adventurous trip :)